Saturday, March 7, 2015

Winter Fruit or Berry Compote Dessert

In a serving dish place

  1. Wafer cookies such as Nilla Wafers or Maria’s Gamesas
  2. Prepared fruit in light syrup or thawed berries
  3. Whipped cream (optional) 

Mini Nilla wafers fit neatly into a small dessert dish.  Crumbled Gamesas are an easy way to make a first layer.

Refrigerated, prepared fruit medleys, canned fruit cocktail or apricots, or thawed raspberries, cherries, or blueberries in a little orange or lemon juice are off-the-shelf pantry and freezer staples in easy reach during winter months when travel is difficult and fresh fruit and berries may not be available.

Vanilla yogurt is a good alternative to whipped cream.  Whipped cream in a can is an easy way to top this winter desert.