Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Salad Greens with Apple and Orange

I found this salad mix to be refreshing during a warm-up in the otherwise cooler autumn-to-winter season.

In a large salad bowl place the following ingredients, served with a light dressing of orange juice and maple syrup on the side.

Salad Ingredients:

Mixed Greens such as Arugula and Baby Spinach, pre-washed

An Apple such as Honey Crisp or Gala, cored and diced

An Orange:  I used a Clementine, peeled and sectioned

Celery diced


Dried Cranberries

Feta Cheese

Chicken or Vegetarian Chick-n such as Boca

Orange Juice Dressing:

Mix about 1/2 cup Orange Juice with about 1 tablespoon Maple Syrup and a teaspoon of Bragg Aminos or soy sauce.

Note:  Orange juice poured over the prepared and diced apple before adding it to the salad mix helps to prevent oxidation.